(9) laz-z-zy

April Awakening: Day 9

There’s absolutely nothing to report. I feel like the most boring person on the planet right now. I did a lot today but it doesn’t even matter. Why regale you with my tale of going to a diner that’s been hidden away in my neighborhood for the past ten years? I never thought to go in but only today realized just how much I’ve been missing out? Do you care that I cried on the street today because I was dramatic over carrying five gallons of paint to the parking garage so I could drive downtown and properly dispose of them? How about I forgot my Zipcard to even get the Zipcar and realized I was at the wrong garage? There’s three of them on my block and I messed up three times trying to find it. Do you care? Does anyone?

This is the boring time. I feel like I’ve said that before, but this really rings true this time. I can’t for the life of me dig deep to find any sort of profound experience going on right now. Things are just what they are right now: Boring as sin. And I don’t mind being my usual lazy self about it either.

And it’s not like it’s even quiet out there. There’s so much going on behind the scenes, so I can’t even call this the ‘calm before the storm.’ It’s just boring. Lazy. Is anyone doing anything? Honestly, New York feels a bit more like the before-time than it ever has, even if people are still putting superfluous masks on here and there. But people are out. There are plenty of crowds ready to have a good time again. And I just don’t mind if I’m not one of those people right now.

Oh well. Something will compel me to get off this couch soon. It’s happening piece by piece, even if all my days consist of is a bunch of drama over paint cans. At least I’m spring cleaning. I needed to do it for my head, and I guess the rest of my life will follow soon.

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