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Patience is meant to be tested

By November 29, 20172 Comments

Now that I work “regular hours” at my job, I can tell each day has a distinct feel to it. I’m no longer wondering what day it is after getting off of work at 8:00 AM and sleeping the day away. The days of the standard work week have a flow, much like it’s been described to me by friends who work “normal” jobs that don’t consist of writing the news day in and day out. And it’s come to my conclusion that Wednesdays are the absolute worst day of the week, work-wise. I feel prickly and frustrated all day, with no respite in sight. Oh, Happy Wednesday, by the way.

This midpoint in the seven-day cycle means everything is coming to a head. Your weekend is both too far behind you and not close enough on the road ahead. I always feel like nothing is going to happen, or everything will happen on a Wednesday. It’s also the days I believe my patience is shortest with people. I have a temper. This isn’t any big secret to anyone around me, and over the years I’ve learned to keep it in check. But the anger is always residing somewhere in me, and once a week it comes closer to the surface than normal.

When someone is testing your patience unbeknownst to them, it can be difficult to keep your cool so you don’t come off looking like the one in the wrong. Blowing up at someone for reasons that aren’t even about them is never a smart idea. It still doesn’t mean someone can’t grate on you. Personalities clash, and it takes a great deal of levelheadedness not to bust out a gun at a knife fight.

But a test of patience doesn’t always come with an angry-looking label. Some things in life we have to be patient for, like love, happiness, or fulfillment. We can chase and certainly go after what we desire, but if we hope to receive exactly what we want, we have to be careful we’re not forcing it into place. Waiting patiently for the other shoe to drop is a hard task, especially when you’ve been idling for an entire lifetime before discovering your needs.

Sometimes it’s okay to ask ourselves if we’re waiting for the right reasons. If you’re disregarding opportunities because of someone who isn’t giving you what you want, then your patience isn’t being valued. Be with someone (or be someone) who sees patience as a cherished virtue. But don’t get discouraged if you find yourself waiting a little longer for what you want to manifest. All that time spent waiting and wondering can be used to make yourself the best person you can be.

And in the meantime, no one will ever judge you for waiting for the weekend. That’s something we all do. At least that’s what I’m finding.



  • Adrian says:

    Blegh, I’m super impatient regarding learning new things so I feel you on this one. I’m currently taking some online courses on basic game development along with some video game art and animation stuff. I get distracted easily because I want to be creating, not learning!

    I guess patience can be developed by learning to be in the moment, rather than focusing on what isn’t.

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