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A lot more people are tired of the mask shit than they let on. I know people still have concerns and are still frightened to some extent. But at this point, especially if you are free of a debilitating medical issue, it’s really time to take the masks off. Especially outside. No, I’m not an epidemiologist. Neither are you, probably. Either see this as my opinion or don’t. Either way, I think one has to look at it this way: who’s telling you to mask up outside? You can’t even make a case that it’s the CDC doing it. They say you don’t need one, especially if you’re vaccinated. And more than half this eight-million strong city has their shots. So what’s the deal? You can’t possibly be comfortable covering up your face, especially as the temperatures are rising and only getting hotter.

I find it frightening that it only took a a year to make everyone this compliant. The very same federal government people were fighting against for the past five years is the exact same one telling them to mask up and not question why. I’m not about to call people idiots or sheep over it, either. That’s just mean. But I am curious as to why. Where did all this fear come from, and when did this loyalty arise? The non-questioning adherence is concerning, especially as I find more and more people telling me how tired they are with all of this pandemic panic.

I’m happy to report that as I sit here in Central Park, waiting to tour another apartment uptown, that very few people are wearing masks outside. People are once again living their lives. Perhaps they never stopped. I think I’m most happy when I see children running around mask-free. I can’t believe how much it bothers me to see a little baby walking around with a mask on his or her face. They just look so stifled. Worse yet is when the parent is unmasked, and the kid still has one on. How is that justifiable? I just don’t get it. And it’s not my place to ask at all. It’s never my place to tell another person how to live his or her life. Does that mean I’m not allowed to comment on people’s choices? Of course not. I don’t know why some things are treated as sacred and unflinching in their questionability.

There comes a point where I just want people to go with their gut. To get yelled at if someone is riding them about the mask. To just accept that people are going to be upset that they’re not following the “rules” but not have it matter so much. Do what’s best for you and don’t go out of your way to mess with someone. That’s all that’s bound to happen eventually. We cannot keep policing one another as the police state attempts to clamp down harder on its people. I’d have more respect for people if they just announced the real reason for staying masked up instead of trying to pretend you’re doing it to keep everyone else safe. At this point, people all masked up just makes them look like they’re ill. I know, live and let live. But it feels like there’s still too many staying content in the sick phase instead of exploring other options.

There’s too much we stand to lose if we keep covering up. I always thought it was sketchy for people, especially world leaders, to try and sell me something when I cannot see their lips moving. It’s wrong. It hampers the ability to trust even more than it was already doing. I cannot speak for another person nor can I get inside their heads. What I can do is question what I’m seeing and wonder when the world wakes up and stops self-muffling. 

And if you’re walking around outside with your mask chinstrapped or dicknosed, just take it off already. Make the choice. You’ll feel better. They made you feel bad for a year and a half. It’s time for a little payback.

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