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April Awakening: Day 27

I honestly don’t get how people think they can get away with anything anymore. It eventually all comes out in the wash. It may not happen right away. It could take days, weeks, months, years, even decades before it all gets found out. And when the crime is just that great, the cover up cannot last forever. One has to assemble lie after lie in order to keep the deception going, and eventually, one of those webs will snap.

It’s inevitable. It just seems so obvious to me. And yet the fix continues to be in.

I’ve been so entrenched in the news cycle for more than a decade at this point, I often forget that not everyone follows all the stories I do. It’s impossible to care about everything, and it’s impossible to know everything. But what I do know is that the pieces are starting to click, and things I’ve suspected over the years are finally being affirmed. Yet those in power just do not want to admit the truth.

And I just think that’s sad. I can’t wrap my head around actively knowing something is bullshit and still going along with the charade. I can’t do that. I won’t do that. Maybe it’s as simple as it just not being in my nature. But when something is wrong, I’m not just going to sit here nod along with it. You’ll at least know how I feel about it, even if I know it’s in my best interest to eventually play the game. Still, I’ll kick and scream as you drag me down the hall, especially when I know in my soul something just isn’t right. And hopefully I stick around a little longer, because I have a feeling the biggest bullshit bomb of them all is about to go off.

And you know something? I won’t even care when the truth comes out. I know a lot of people will feel betrayed, shocked, dismayed, inconsolable even. But I’ll just be over here. I’ll keep on truckin’. I’ll have no care whatsoever. I’ll only hold in my feelings of saying “I told you so” over and over again. Because what good will that do? I don’t need to put on airs like I’m better than anyone simply because my bullshit detector is turned all the way up to eleven. I just know how not to get played at this point in my life. And I’d rather find a way to instill this knowledge and help people find the intuition to go with your gut when you know something is off.

Don’t worry. They know it too. That’s why they’re scrambling so hard to convince you otherwise.

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