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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized what an exercise in futility it is to try and crack the nut that is some people’s hard heads. The division these days is so much more pronounced than I’ve seen in my lifetime, yet I feel no personal pressure to join one side or the other. I’m fine here on the outskirts, watching any and all sides reveal themselves, their true intentions on full display. We see the real deal within them that lay beneath the surface. A showcase in showing one’s ass, one might say. And some people’s moons over the never-ending highway are an ugly sight indeed. But they’re allowed to do it. I’m never going to tell people no on that. You can say whatever words you’d like and take any so action you choose. It’s up to you to deal with what’s down your chosen road.

Sometimes I get the urge to try and speak with these people, as words are all I have to offer, but it just never seems worth it. There are those who cannot be reasoned with, no matter how measured an approach you take. They are so rigid, so stoic in their virtue that they’ll use it as a shield against any dissenting point of view. They act on their emotions, barricading your wrongthink while making you feel bad for even bringing it up. They “whatabout” as much as they accuse others of doing, yet their righteous anger is the only one allowed to exist. They’re right, you’re wrong, end of discussion, do not pass go.

This kind of person is not exclusive to “one side.” They exist everywhere, and they’re the loudest ones in the room. But that doesn’t mean they’re one hundred percent correct about what they’ve chosen to champion this week. They’re just shrill shills is all. However, they’re good enough at exhausting the energy, leaving you with no fuel in the tank to get your point across. But perhaps there’s something that will shut these people up: asking them what exactly it is they want. What is it they’re after. What kind of world they want to be in when the subject of their ire is removed at their request. What then? What are you left with? Have you even given it a moment’s thought, or is the drive on Virtuousness Lane too much of a rush to stop?

I never win appeal to emotion arguments. I operate in much the same way; I go on my feelings and don’t have The Facts™ to back them up. Whatever comes forth from me is simply what I’m thinking at that moment, and why I think it’s right the right thing to do. It’s no match for the Virtuous. They’re right and I’m wrong. And so I’d rather keep my mouth shut than collide with a brick wall, even when I may agree with some of what they’re saying. It’s the harsh and malicious nature of their words I can’t get behind. So many out there want to go war as they clamor for destruction, decimation, brutality, and annihilation. I do not, cannot, and will not feel the same. I will not stand with anyone but the innocents who are the true casualties of these war games. Those after bloodshed are not in the right. Because it’s not real. There’s nothing “grassroots” about any of this. It’s all been planned, all routed out long ago. All designed to divide us further, and we’re going into it full throttle.

This is why I don’t say much these days. I often dream of having a space where I can just tell my tales, answering anyone’s questions who is curious about my thoughts. If I could make a living like that, I’d be on easy street. But in the meantime, I’m just choosing what I speak on more carefully. I don’t pretend taking a firm stance on things would work for me, because I’m just not that person. I feel the less rigid one’s words are, the more chance there is for the internal barriers to crumble. All they’ve been installing in our heads and hearts for decades can no longer affect us once the pure thoughts are let in, even if you don’t agree with them. Approach people who explain their position not as an invitation to “join their side,” but as a way for them to explain how life works for them. I can always respect when someone acts as if they’re in the driver’s seat of their own destiny.

We must learn to listen to one another again. Stop trying to win arguments over who is the world’s most correct person. Because in the end, if we keep up this division, the only winners will be those evil ones who’ve wanted this the entire time. I don’t know about you, but I’m done letting them think they run things. They’ve shutdown enough streets and caused all this congestion for one lifetime. If you need me, you can find me following the one and only true road, repairing all I can on the way to His horizon.

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