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June Renew: Day Sixteen

The current year-over-year inflation rate in the United States is 4.0%. This time last year, it was 8.6%. The year before that, in 2021, it was 5.0%. And the year before that, during a freakin’ global pandemic, the yearly inflation rate only increased one tenth of a percent. So while this White House is touting the inflation rate slowing, you’re still paying out the ass since its takeover. Like, hurray, I’m only paying four-percent more for things than I was last year, when I was paying eight percent more than the five percent more I was paying when this sham of an administration took over the country. My salary has seen significant increase in that time and I still feel like I’m scrimping and saving. Don’t get me wrong, I’m better off than a lot of people out there, but a part of me feels responsible in keeping myself, and the country, in financial straits.

This kind of economic data comes down at exactly 8:30AM eastern every month, while my show is on air. One the data drops, we’re right there to discuss it. Administrations put out their estimates, and then we get the actual number. During this most recent CPI report, the expectations were for 4.1% year-on-year. As the clock ticked closer to 8:30AM, I remember feeling like I wanted to see a gigantic leap over the estimate, to see how high prices have gone up, all so I could prove to myself in black-and-white that this current economic trajectory we’re on isn’t working. So when I saw the number a bit cooler than expected, a wave of disappointment came over me. Everything was still so expensive, and I was about to bear witness to these dunderheads taking a victory lap, even after the monetary ruin they’ve already sunk us into.

It should be no surprise that I did not vote for this current administration, and by the way things are going, 2024 may be the last time I ever vote in my lifetime. But I know it does me no good to actively root for a downfall. I cannot in my heart go as far as throwing any sort of praise their way, but I don’t want to keep myself imprisoned in wishing for bad outcomes to confirm my own biases. I already spoke about that. I don’t need to keep living it.

Even if it’s taken this long for inflation to cool, it’s still far above the Federal Reserve’s 2% target rate, and, when all is said and done, it’s probably a lowballed number anyway. I should be grateful I even have money. I just wish I also had an administration that doesn’t make me also wish for a backyard so I can bury my cash in it.

Words yesterday: 624. I fell asleep writing again and said “f*ck” it and fully went to sleep.

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