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June Renew: Day Thirteen

I for one can do with a lot less of people talking about how proud they are of everything. It’s like a neverending stream of smug self-importance. Frankly, if I don’t know you, it’s none of my business how you feel about every little accomplishment that takes place in your life. And for some, that accomplishment boils down to simply existing. There comes a time when you need to stop the self-fellatio and find other ways to satisfy one’s self.

Months ago, my City Councilman, to his credit, set up a community meeting with the Health Commissioner of NYC, where the people could ask him questions. Naturally, my question was about the myriad covid testing tents and when they would finally go away. I had to wait a while before my question was brought up and I basically ‘bullied’ my Councilman into asking it. I pay his salary, he listens to me. Anyway, the hot air I had to blow through before my question was answered was just sickening. I had to hear the Commissioner say how “proud” he was over simply opening dialogues with community groups, or how “proud” he was for making sure New Yorkers stay nice and scared. I mean, not really, but in so many words. And he may as well have said that, since all these questions were still terrified of the coof. But it was the first time the overreliance on “pride” really spoke to me, and I started noticing more and more how the ego is becoming the most celebrated mouthpiece for those trying to prove something to somebody else.

Pride is a personal thing. You can take pride in your appearance. You can be happy you passed the test, or that you did a good job at work. Your friends and family can take pride in knowing you, or seeing your accomplishments. As far as the rest of the world, they can feign it for you, maybe pretend to get it up, but at the end of the day, it’s not really any of their concern. Not everything you do is for everyone, nor should it be for everyone. There’s value in keeping things close to the vest sometimes. Take care in not crossing the line from confident into conceited. It’s thinner than you think.

Words yesterday: not enough. Only about 300. Now I have to make up 1,100 somewhere.

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