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June Renew: Day Seven

I didn’t go outside yesterday. I’ve gotten really bad at time management since they switched our morning meeting back a half-hour. I can sleep a little later now, and it’s actually causing a headache. I feel like I don’t have time to do all the things I need to do. And yesterday, I missed my window to go outside. I guess it isn’t the worst thing in the world, considering New York City’s air is apparently the worst it’s ever been. Or at least extremely close. But yes, suddenly a swathe of Canadian wildfires just decided to disrupt the air along the eastern seaboard. I don’t trust the official story; I don’t think only wildfires are to blame, and I don’t think they’re naturally occurring either. That aura out there isn’t normal. Forgive me if I’m getting a whiff of something ominous afoot.

It was 9:00PM. I had barely finished sending my headlines and still had 150 words left in my first draft. I didn’t feel like a failure, I’m just adjusting. But my Twitter feed was full of people discussing the air quality in New York City. I figured, well, I’m there right now, so I may as well go see. It’s been a little nerve-wracking to go out after dark, but I gathered my aplomb and stepped outside.

The smell hit me right away. Just a distinct burning sensation in my nostrils. If someone like me, without her sense of smell, could smell it, I knew something was off. Whatever it was, it was thick. I stood outside for about five minutes, watching life go on as normal, still seeing people masked up and thinking they look stupid, but completely understood the want to wear one. If anyone was feeling anything, they weren’t broadcasting it. Or hey were all just airing their grievances to all the currently non-present people over the phone.

Perhaps all this really is just from wildfires. Maybe it’s wildfire season in Canada and I should just accept that multiple fires all seemed to begin all at once coast to coast. Maybe it’s just coincidence all the people in the world I don’t trust are telling me this is why we need to spend more money on the climate agenda. I don’t know. All I know is there’s something not right about this, and now they’re coming for the air. There must be something so devastatingly catastrophic they’re trying to cover up that they’re willing to make a people stay scared, stay inside, and reliant on “our betters” to tell us what’s going on. This was a month I was ready to feel the sun, and now they’re taking that away from me too.

But I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to give in. Whatever evil is being crop-dusted upon us won’t win. When things get this desperate, you know we’re in the end times. Now, was it a bad idea to be on my roof deck as I type this? I suppose I’ll let you know in another ether.

Words yesterday: 772

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