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June Renew: Day Three

You guys all know there’s seventeen months left before Election Day, right? Are you all this steadfast on your decision now? Because my Twitter feed is the most annoying it’s ever been with all the defensive tackling I see. I cannot get over how vicious everyone is, fighting over whose pick for head coach is already the best. None of them even for a moment considering that all this could be over one day, with no warning and no buzzer. Just a sudden blitz and election season as we know it would be gone. Then how far down the field would all those petty insults carry you?

This was most bothersome today. Twitter is all I have without news on weekends, and right now my means of social interaction is just an unpleasant place to be. Everything is starting to stretch into personal back-and-forths, things getting said which have nothing to do with anything. How can you expect to win this war when you’re too busy fighting with your teammates? We’re all rushing toward a common goal after all. And while I tend not to get too hung up on the words of an anonymous internet user, things I heard today really struck me as anything but a fair play.

One female social commentator has raised questions on where RDS’s children are while he’s on the campaign trail. Because if their care is being funded by Florida taxpayers, they have a right to know. I saw a prominent pro-RDS page say this woman is commenting on someone’s parenting style while she herself is unmarried and childless. And as someone who is also both those things, it bothered me to see this status used as a cudgel to sack further discussion. I’m not a parent yet, and who knows if I’ll ever be a spouse, but I know how I’d like to treat it once I become it. I also had both parents growing up, so I can understand what makes someone a good one. Dialogue surrounding women online isn’t always a walk in the park, but I do find it strange how this subsection of females gets kicked down and shunned from the national conversation, moreso than I think male counterparts do. It’s all a different bag online, but when do our stories get told? Does my voice not hold weight because I haven’t yet obtained the joys of parenthood and partnership? Why is this particular status for women such a tough run into the end zone?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be taking this so personally. All I know is, if you’re going to toss criticism around, there are certain yard lines you just shouldn’t cross. This over-judgment of a person’s character versus addressing what they did or did not say is the important distinction that needs a clearly-defined goal line. You can’t know another’s story, their situation, or their status just by reading some words online. And it’s not up to you to decide who gets to speak and when. Address the grievance. Don’t commit fouls just for the hell of it.

We’re just so close to getting it. Certainly it’s them who are running out of strategies, while we’re only getting started in assembling our playbook . And the surefire way to acheiving success is to hear viewpoints from all walks of life instead of bum rushing them over unrelated issues. And if you must criticize, do so for the right reasons. That way, when the stadium lights go dark for the last time, we can know who played fair and helped bring everyone over the goal line. I’d say get ready. No more time outs. Just us versus them. Game on.

Words yesterday: 200-something. I woke up on the couch at 5:00AM and finished the rest.

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