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June Renew: Day One

My life has not been marred by tragedies. It feels like I haven’t experienced real, true loss yet. It’s not like I’m looking forward to it, mind you, I’m just wondering what kind of character-defining moment is written in the stars for me. Because it kind of just feels like I’ve always been this person, just growing and evolving rather than making a sharp 180° turn into something else. So personally, I’m fine. It’s the rest of the characters out there I’m worried about.

I’ve often said that nothing can surprise me. I feel hardened to a lot of the nonsense we’ve been spoonfed over the last however many years. They could come out tomorrow and announce the top politicians from all over the world are literal aliens and I wouldn’t bat an eye. I’d just be like, “Okay, well where have the rest of you been?” But it’s very easy to forget that not everyone has accumulated the knowledge I have, just like I have to remember I don’t know everything everyone else knows. So when the major bomb drops and people discover a new representation of who they are, I’ve got to stick with what I’ve illustrated to help ease the transition into the good life.

I just don’t like the idea that one major event has to shape it all, but it appears that’s how this world works. I felt that way after 9/11; The sense of unease in a newly-changed world was something this city and country certainly hasn’t gotten over. And we see it with the lingering effects of the pandemic, as I still see people masked-up to this day. But as more information comes out, we’re going to see the veil lift, and things we once thought were set in stone will take on a brand new definition of their own. And while it’s not my job to save everyone, one can rest assured there will always be people like me, willing to help, willing to guide, to show you there’s more to your life than what the outside forces make you think.

Maybe my character-defining moment was already decided long before I was born. Perhaps it doesn’t come in life. Maybe it was all pre-determined. We should take comfort in the personal characterizations, and not put too much stock in all the external realities. Because that way, no major event that comes along can even come close to changing what’s already written about you. Not as long as you remain the author.

You’ll get your first word count update tomorrow.

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