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April Awakening


I don’t trust tap water anymore. I haven’t for a very long time. Ever since losing my sense of smell, it seems other ones have been heightened. And it’s like I can taste what’s wrong with the water. There’s clearly something in it, at least in New York City. And this city used to boast the best water in the country. Not anymore. It’s chlorinated. I can taste it. I can smell it too, even if I can’t smell anything else. There’s clearly something in it, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. And I worry people think I’m a snob when I go out to eat because I always, always, always ask for sparkling water. I feel the disdain from the wait staff when I ask for it. But I just can’t with tap water anymore. And other people notice it too.

Last year, I was in New Jersey for my great aunt’s 90th birthday. We all went out for a lunch at a restaurant in my home town. I got my standard Pellegrino while everyone else got tap water. I swear I could smell the chlorine from a mile away. And all the other glasses just looked off. Yellow-tinted. I said nothing. But then they started commenting on it, about how the tap water didn’t taste good, and tasted like a pool. I offered my giant bottle of seltzer but they declined. So I let them have at it. What good would my snobbishness do? People make their own choices on what they ingest, but perhaps it’s time to become awash in exactly what’s inside.

Whatever’s in the water, whatever’s in our food products, I just need to be aware of it. I don’t want to blindly eat things anymore just because they taste good. I have to check ingredients and make sure I’m putting the right things in my body. And water is the most important of them all. I can suggest to you to invest in filters for your drinking water, and even your showerheads. Because something’s not right about it. I’m just thankful there’s ways to fight back against whatever they’re trying to pour down our throats.

Maybe one day the water will be as clean and clear as it was in New Hampshire, and they’ll stop trying to poison us slowly. Clean water is a human right. Don’t we deserve the clearest flow of all?

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