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April Awakening: Day Twenty-One


I kind of kept forgetting today was my birthday. It would just hit me over and over that, oh yeah, I’m officially thirty-seven today. Like I said when I started this thing, the exact age doesn’t matter if I’ve been living as a thirty-seven-year-old all year. I’m just grateful I made it official with a clear head. That felt the most important to me for this blessed day, and I’ve achieved it. But as I was driving up to Salem, Massachusetts today, I realized this is all there is. I can’t see myself as a forty-year-old, because that’s not here yet. All I’m guaranteed is the moment, and if I’m lucky, I’ll get a tomorrow. So I may as well show people who I am while I’m here.

Typically, I play things close to the vest. But today I felt compelled to let people in a little more. Without prompting, I clued people in to little factoids about me, including my role as Tituba in my high school production of The Crucible, that I live in New York City, that I have no sense of smell, my views on what the Devil is, and, of course, that today is my birthday. I’m not oversharing to an obnoxious degree, but what reason do I have to keep the mystery so prevalent? Who does that serve? I’m an interesting cat, shouldn’t people know about it? They don’t have to retain it, but when all we have is that moment, it may be in my best interest to take the chance while I can.

I’m not special in this regard. I think everyone should find their joie de vivre and let it out. To be able to bring one’s inner self to the forefront takes a lot of time and patience with one’s self, but it’s what I wish for everyone. And as we complete one more rotation around the sun, we can take comfort in knowing the evolution comes with every revolution. It won’t end until the day it’s supposed to. And even then, we don’t really die, we just join whoever we’re meant to in the great beyond, until our souls are meant to come back online in the next incarnation of life.

I’m digging it. Here’s to thirty-seven, and thirty-seven-plus more.

Words yesterday: About 1,500. I’m all caught up.

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