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April Awakening: Day Nineteen


I’m a little tired from traveling today and pulling over multiple times to get the cat out from under the seat. So I’ll keep this brief. I’m out here by myself again. I’m in a completely different spot with nothing waiting for me at home. Usually that something would be the cat, but she’s currently under the bed with absolutely no way for me to get her out. But it’s just me out here. It’ll be me here forever. I somehow thought by coming here and changing things up, I’d feel different. But that’s simply not the case. Things are just as they always were, and no venue changes is going to change that. I’m not as special as I think I am when I’m on vacation, it’s just me in a different spot. There’s no need for me to play the role of the sexy out-of-towner. I’m just here. A change of scenery can be just that. An epic journey of discovery isn’t always guaranteed just by leaving the house. Perhaps I’ll feel different tomorrow when I can actually explore. But for now, it’s just me. Wherever I go. Even if the cat hates me for it.

Words yesterday: not enough. I fell asleep writing and finished yesterday’s words today. When will I finish today’s words? Who knows.

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