1) sticking with homemade

April Awakening: Day One 🌧️☀️🌧️

I woke up this morning fully prepared to order myself a Dunkin coffee and check Twitter. This was probably my second thought upon waking. But then I quickly remembered it was April, meaning all my monthly rules were in effect. So I had to find another way to begin my day with all the accoutrement available to me. Turns out I can make do with everything I’ve already got, without the need for outside ingredients. But that might not always be the case for me, and I’ve got to stop looking at that as a bad thing.

I spent the day at my parents’ house, which is partially the reason this entry came out so late. I hung out with my mom a majority of the day, which is starting to become a little like babysitting these days. We’re just minding her, making sure she’s entertained and helping her to her feet if she needs. I introduced her to some YouTube videos of people making miniature diorama scenes, doing their nails, and cooking street food in Korea. She loves watching them, and it was a good experience. The cooking videos today brought out the most questions in me. These are largely master chefs who do nothing else with their time other than work. Each day it’s the same thing; making the same meals over and over again for thousands of happy customers. Their food always looks good as we get to watch from prep table to finished product. But it occurred to me as I stood outside on the deck during the clear, sunny day sandwiched between two rainstorms: I was almost judging the chefs who used pre-packaged items in their recipes.

This was an absurd thought, because what was I expecting? Not every restaurant needs to utilize homemade, hand-pulled noodles. If they get their eggs from a supplier and not their own farms, does that somehow make it less valid? Are their dishes less authentic if they don’t dry out the seaweed themselves? Where was I going next, thinking they need to forge their own knife sets? I realized how ridiculous it was to have these kinds of standards, especially for someone else’s concoction. After all, a bunch of ingredients strewn about is not a meal until it’s cooked. Who am I to judge if someone finds an outside product that meets their standards for creation?

The subject of authenticity is becoming more important to me, especially as society gets more comfortable using A.I. to perform its tasks. This extends to writing, which I’m sure can be utilized in some areas. Just not for me. I’ve thought about it, but I know it’d just become an outside ingredient that wouldn’t meet my standards. And that’s okay too. I think it’s important to know what goes into our work, just like we should know what’s in our food. If others want to work differently, then so be it. These aren’t the dark ages. We have julienne slicers and pasta presses to help us along the way. Just because I work with my hands doesn’t mean everyone else has to. I should be happy enough with my choices so that I’m satisfied by the finished product. And just like these chefs, it’s about working at it every day in order to make sure each meal is better than the last.

Words today: 301 right now, will finish up before bed. Needed to get this entry out before midnight.

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