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February Focus: Day 27

Tell me, what happens after all those you wish would shut up actually do? Have you ever once pondered what it’ll be like to hear exactly what you want to hear all the time? What would you talk about? Or complain about? What will you be left with? You can’t possibly think that’s a desirable world, can you?

But some people do, don’t they? They just want a world where all assigned “dissenters” don’t exist anymore. A creepy liberal or conservative utopia where people only think they’ll be happy once they don’t have to hear the “wrong” opinions. It doesn’t work like that. But somewhere down the line, those in charge made us believe it does.

I get the idea of someone “staying in their lane,” and choosing their moments to comment on a subject they know little about. But does that mean they shouldn’t say anything? That they should be disallowed from commenting at all? I don’t think this way. I’ll never think this way. I think people should say whatever they wish, unless they are threatening someone or slandering them. Then the ‘consequences’ everyone keeps talking about are certainly in play. But I’d rather hear someone’s uninformed opinion and know to avoid people like that, rather than stop them from talking altogether. This is America, after all. We’re supposed to say what we think without threat of our government punishing us, even if lately I wouldn’t put it past them.

I just don’t think a lot of these people who are quick to shut everyone’s mouths have thought their tactics through. Like I said at the top, what would a world look like where everyone thinks and says the same thing? Is that what people are really after? Why would anyone want that? I thought we’re all in on “diversity” these days, why does that not extend to diversity of thought? I’ll gladly hear anyone out. That doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with them. What happened to people to make them think a different thought is the worst thing that could happen?

My cynicism is reaching peak status to where I wish the world would just blow up sometimes. So we can start anew on whatever galaxy we end up in. But that’s a dumb idea, even if I’m allowed to say it. I think what it boils down to is a lot of people look to ‘higher ups’ to determine what should be said and what should be discarded. Like they think others are smarter than them and that they know better. I don’t subscribe to this. No one is smarter than me, and I’m no smarter than anyone. That’s true equality. And if we’re all on the same playing field, all the things we say are valid, even if they need to be fact-checked and corrected here and there. The feelings and opinions around it will always exist, no matter how much extremists think it should be stamped out. Keep your fantasy world of samethink. But feel free to keep jabbering about it. No skin off my ears.

Swears: None

Words: Not enough yet, but I did pass 60,000 total first draft words.

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