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February Focus: Day 26

It feels like we’re living in peak insufferability lately. I literally cannot stand a single thing said by anyone anywhere. It’s like activism wins no matter what. We don’t care about facts, nor do we care about things we’ve dismissed as conspiracy theory. No, as long as the ‘right’ group says it now, that’s all that matters. All you have to do is look at the recent study about masking being useless, or this brand new admission from the Energy Department that COVID-19 likely leaked from the Wuhan lab. These are things people were speculating on way back in March 2020, and called lunatics for believing. But now it’s okay to say it. Now we can listen to the obnoxious brigade crow and be outraged over it. Don’t mind the people in the corner left dumbfounded by the obtuseness of everyone who actually has a voice in the national conversation. They’re just the little guys. And who’d ever want to listen to them?

I wouldn’t care so much if the admission came with an apology for being wrong. But that will never happen. That’s a massively tall order for some. I’ve made peace with that. Maybe I’ll be surprised from certain people, but I don’t think I’ll ever get that lucky. Either way, you won’t find me waving the “I Told You So” flag, even if my fingers are itching to grab it. Though it would be nice to get a little recognition over here, as I’ve been right so many times before.

If there’s one thing I’m failing to remember, is that it does me no good to paint my ire with a wide brush. I keep saying “I hate these people” in reference to literally every person in power lately. But today, my dad of all people had to say, “not all of them are bad.” And he’s right. Its not all of them. It’s a lot of them, but not all. It made me think of how I get angry when people say New York deserves bad things because this is what you voted for.” It’s not fair of me to lump everyone into one hateful category when I complain about the same thing getting done to me.

And so where does this leave me? We’re all sitting with this information many of us have known for years, with only a hint of honesty peeking out as of late. Perhaps more will come out in the coming weeks or even days. I think I’ll know it’s for real when these individuals or outlets begin their apology tours. The real admissions. The asking for forgiveness so we can all move on. I’m not spiteful, I’ll gladly forgive. But I won’t forget. I’m Italian. The only thing we remember are the grudges. I’ll never forget what y’all did to me, I just won’t hold it against you. Once I see that ugliness rear its head again, I’ll simply take off for greener pastures. Why put myself through the trashing again? No one needs that, just like no one really truly needs an apology. It’d just be nice, is all. You know I’m right about that.

Swears: $0.50
I said “horsesh*t” today.

No writing today. I’m sad about it. But I did finish my 500 yesterday.

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