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February Focus: Day 24

There seems to be a new sentiment floating around the interwebs: “We deserve better.” I see this a lot in regards to NYC leadership, which has been lackluster to be kind, and downright evil to be mean. It gives me hope that New Yorkers are waking up to the nonsense that gets jimmied into places of power by default. A “D” at the end of these peoples’ names and a flimsy promise to protect the feels is enough to garner a vote. I think you may see a red (or purple) splash in New York soon, which will be enough to chip away at the sh*tholery we’ve been subjected to for far too long. The key is having everyone on the outside looking in think we deserve some reprieve, too.

I don’t wish bad things on people ever. I don’t have it in my soul to do so. Even if I feel wronged by them, I don’t want bad things to happen to them. At least not on a devastating level. Maybe I wouldn’t feel bad if someone I didn’t like stubbed their toe or something, but I don’t actively root for anyone’s downfall. I just don’t see a point in doing so. This goes back to the “national divorce” crap people have been talking about lately. If you want to give up, fine. Just keep me out of the line of fire as you spray your venom on the way out.

A sense of moral superiority creeps in every time you wish bad on people. I know for some cases, like crimes against humanity, it’s perfectly natural to want the offender to hurt. It’s a human emotion to want retribution and justice, and for some, that comes in the form of pain. I don’t do this. I don’t want pain for anyone. I simply want what’s coming to them to come to them. And that kind of judgment is not up to me. I pity those who are not in touch with their humanity, and pray they one day feel it. I simply feel bad when someone cannot understand the kind of pain they can inflict upon another person, or a group of people. But we’ve got to understand the distinction of cases. It feels dumb to me to condemn all New Yorkers or Californians to a life of sh*t leadership because “you voted for this.” I did no such thing. Is that not enough to at least try to think those you’re looking in on could do better?

We all have a chance to pitch ourselves in life. And it does say a lot about a person who chooses to laugh at others’ dismay. I know people have given me their justifications in why they feel that, I just can’t do the same. No judgment, I’m just pointing out another way. Maybe one day someone may listen to my justification of things and tell me I was right all along. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some deserved adulation around here?

Swears: $1.00
I said the f-word twice.

Words today: None. I went back to Jersey and ran out of time because my dad likes to talk a lot.

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