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February Focus: Day 23

There’s a lot of talk about a “national divorce” lately. Some people are just so fed up with the ‘other side’ of thing that they want to formally separate. Make two different unions. Red and blue states. It all sounds dumb, IMHO, but there are times when I wouldn’t mind breaking my apartment off the Isle of Manhattan and setting it up in the Atlantic Ocean. I have no idea how I’d sustain life, but I imagine I’d fare as well as the Krusty Burger on an oil rig. Either way, I don’t want a national divorce, but I certainly don’t want some phony baloney therapy session we’re supposed to walk out of, pretending everything is fine and we all really love each other. No, those days are over. I’m tired of trying to ‘work it out’ with people. All I can do is be real with it and see who follows. No use trying to force everyone under the same umbrella when the storm isn’t that bad to begin with.

“Divorce” to me just sounds so final. Like there’s no reconciliation to be had. And I don’t blame people for feeling like there’s no hope left. Like the chasm that once was simply a divide is too great to cross anymore. I get that and I understand that. I just don’t feel the same way. I think things can be mended, but they’re not going to come from someone gathering us round and forcing us to speak with one another. That ship has long past sailed. We have to look on the outside of what once felt like it was working, explore new avenues and get some sense outside of what was so senseless. It’s not a “divorce,” just a separation. A break in the case. Something that allows us the freedom to explore without having to talk about that rat bastard we kicked to the curb long ago.

I don’t think we need some kind of national declaration of our dissolving of this life. We should just go. Move on. Find someone else who’ll yap your ear off. If you want to call that a divorce then please, feel free. I’m not in the market to ever get one of those, so have a ball. I’m more interested in finding a place where I can just shut the f*ck up for once. Where I don’t have to keep talking, or hear people talking about all the ills of the world. All the things wrong with it. Why “the other side” houses the only bad guys in this whole stinkin’ operation.

I’m so tired of it. I need quiet on the other side of this crevasse. I’ve already built a life here. I suppose I shouldn’t care what the rest of you loudmouths choose to do, but I still will. I can only offer you my two cents in a world that constantly wants to shout everyone down. Sitting with the silence can do wonders for the soul. And hopefully something worth hearing will be what breaks it.

Swears: $0.50
One f-bomb doing my workouts

No words today again. No excuses, just nothing happened.

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