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February Focus: Day 19

In just a few short months, I’ll have more space in my home than I’ve ever had before. I’m getting a custom murphy bed installed by California Closets in addition to upgrading my wardrobe closet. I’m all locked in, I’ve signed the contract, I put down half the total cost. The bed will be hidden in the wall, where I’ll be able to open a cabinet and pull down my brand new queen bed. This is also an upgrade, as I’ve been sleeping in full beds my entire life. It’s about time I really get the proper space I deserve to move around in an entirely different way. Because I’m here for the long haul. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. And I don’t expect anyone outside of New York City to get that.

The rallying cry of many Twitter Conservabros has been, “Get out of cities.” It happens every time you see a tremendous failure of leadership or the trickle-down effects of bad policies. While I wouldn’t blame a single person for leaving, I’ve decided I cannot follow suit. Not until I know things will be okay without me here. New York City feels more like my home than ever before, even if I’ve distilled that to the microcosm that is my apartment. It’s the only place I want to be right now. And all I want to do is just keep making it better. I’ve found my home here. As long as my niche remains occupied, I’ll never stop looking for ways to upgrade it. Why should I not want the same for my city?

It feels very easy for people to condemn New York City from the far corners of the internet. The one thing I don’t understand is actively praying for its downfall. I don’t do that to you, why should you want to do that to me? Is it so impossible for a good word in praying we figure it out? I have not given up hope yet. I figure as long as I’m here, this city will never be beyond saving. I’m going to do all I can to right the wrongs I’ve seen, and part of getting that done is living well within it. I want to make sure that it’s good enough for me in a presentable way, so the next person I invite in may want to stay forever.

All that is never too far from my mind. This place is big enough for two, and I’m always willing to share. I can utilize this space well, even if that means the little bassinet goes in the corner. I can make this work as long as I keep the faith that the city surrounding these walls will figure out how to get it done too. I know to some that involves a miracle, but I never stop believing one could actually happen. Not just for the city’s sake, but for the rest of the world’s, too.

Everyone is hurting. Can you blame us after all we’ve been through, especially over the last three years? But the hurt may come to an end as we see retribution for all the wrong done to us. If you believe it, it will come. And I’m willing to give you all the space you need in order to come to terms with it. That’s no problem. As long as you make a little room for my wishes, too. Because so goes New York, so goes the world. And as long as I’m still here fighting, we cannot fail. I’ll just be writing about it, hoping to fill enough gaps and stand on some solid ground for once. You can still build a foundation in a co-op. That’s the Manhattanite way.

Swears: None

Did write my story today, as of this publication 500 words have not been recorded. Sorry.

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