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February Focus: Day 17

Well, I guess chatbots are going to be doing all our writing around here. AI is getting so powerful, it just may band together, rise up, and destroy humanity once and for all. I may be living in a movie, but I didn’t sign up for a sh*tty sci-fi turd of an adventure. Therefore, I reject what AI could do for me. That’s not to say other people shouldn’t use it. People can do whatever they wish and utilize services at their leisure. You just won’t catch me doing the same. However, I feel as though this puts me in a very poor position. The world is evolving just as rapidly as it ever was, and I wonder if my unwillingness to bend to the new ways will just end up leaving me all wet.

I’m the old fogey at work. My co-workers talk of social media interactions I can’t even perceive. I nixed all my socials except for Twitter, and I ain’t even that good on it. People seem to elevate themselves because they see the wave forming a mile away and are able to catch it with ease. They ride trends and get in on the ground floor. Meanwhile, I’m over here barely done zipping up my wetsuit. And if I make it into the ocean, the seas calm and I’m left floating on my own again. And so it makes me not even want to try anymore, and just let this whole artificial world pass me by.

I keep seeing posts about ‘getting in’ on AI to see what it can do for you, especially if you want to break into the algorithm and really get your name out there. Yet somehow I keep thinking that if I plug along and do exactly what I’ve been doing, I’ll somehow ascend and get to the place I’m meant to. I’ve been on my own wavelength this whole time, but what good is that if no one is around to see?

Maybe I’m just not meant to hang with the trends. Maybe it’s okay the whole world is moving on without me. Am I supposed to do what everyone else is doing just because they’re doing it? No, that’d feel, how shall I put it, artificial to me. Perhaps one day I’ll drop the stubborn act and be willing to learn a better way. For now, I can take comfort in my position that anything written by AI will lack what’s meant for a truly good piece of writing: a soul. I’d rather feel too much with no one to care than have all the followers in the world with not a clue of who I really am. But who knows. This may not last forever. I may be ‘forced’ to change my ways if that means a spot in the lifeboat. Times change just as the ocean ebbs and flows. Maybe I’ll find a way to roll with it after all.

Swears: $1.00
Said the s-word twice today, one in the form of bullsh*t when gabbing with my mom

No word written yet today, I napped twice, will finish before I go to sleep for real. It’s been a few days.

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