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The President of the United States was storing classified documents in his personal residence in Wilmington, Delaware. That is a fact. Today, Monday, the Sixteenth of January 2023, the White House claimed there are no visitor log records from that same home where unsecure classified documents were stored.

Did you enjoy that little report? Because it sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood script. It’s so unbelievable, so logic-defying, and yet it’s happening all the same. News outlets will be forced to report it as more news comes out. This is a story we in the biz would say “has legs.” And it’s got ’em for days. It ain’t gonna be over for a long, long time. And I believe by the end of this, we’ll see far-reaching consequences that could upend the entire American foundation. So strap in, folks. We’re in for a wild ride as we steam ahead toward the history books.

I have so many thoughts on many different news stories. So many need my attention, and I want my own space to commentate on it. Unfortunately for me, I’m bound by the limits of my own reporting. The show I work for is not an opinion show. And I don’t have the means or motivation to create my own right now. So where do I go? What can I do? Who is gonna tell me if I’ve “got legs” of my own?

My co-workers and family members already think I’m nuts. The internet doesn’t seem to particularly care, as my voice sort of gets drowned out by the larger platforms. Besides, the content I offer is just a bunch of words. There’s no reporting backed up by sources or facts. I just make lots of predictions about what’s coming next, which while I think could be interesting, isn’t easy to advertise. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Investors can make a fortune based on their feelings about the market, why can’t I do the same, but for society?

The problem is, the only person crazy enough to listen right now is my own reflection. It’s fine, though. I’ve made peace with it. I can be a pretty good hang when I want to be. Still, I’m at the point in my life where I’m finding more and more things I want to say, which can only be said to one other person. And more of that needs to make its way out. There’s a constant conversation I’m having with another soul, which was lit long ago and been on cruise control since. I can rest my limbs and let nature take its course. And it’s not going to end until it’s meant to end. So I’ll keep waiting for more inevitable reports, as they keep pointing me in the direction I’m meant to be going.

I’m currently writing out the rules for next month’s writing challenge, and figuring out ways I could possibly get into the news commentary ‘community.’ That’s in the very early stages right now, but there’s too much news out there that’s ripe for the picking. I did YouTube for years, I haven’t forgotten how to act. I just need to get over the fear of how I look on camera. But I know I have knowledge I can bring to the table to help us all sort this mess out. And when we reach the end of it, I can only hope I’m lucky enough to truly have that one I can really stretch my legs around. To no longer be afraid to face what’s been following me. To finally know what took its time to get here and know it’d be worth it. All it takes is that one news story to drop, and the whole world as we know it ceases to exist. Perfect chance to start anew and write our own happy headlines forever.

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