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My December to Remember 2: Day Twenty-Three

News: Alameda Research’s Caroline Ellison says she and Sam Bankman-Fried knew their actions were illegal, used customer money as “piggy bank.”
NY lawmakers vote to give themselves $32K raise.
House passes massive $1.7T Omnibus package, AOC only democrat to vote ‘no.’

I don’t believe in money anymore. I know that’s a bold statement, but it’s all just so fake to me. Like what’s really exchanging hands here when Washington can just print a trillion dollars on a whim? What does money even accomplish, here? They’re squeezing us dry and giving themselves a pay raise for doing such a good job. As if inflation affects them and only them. It’s a nightmare right now. And something tells me this is the last of letting the good times roll.

Gettin’ real close to being me.

I didn’t grow up with a ton of money, but we were always in a good spot. It was certainly a little strange way as my hometown was littered with multi-million dollar mansions. Kids in my high school were so rich, they started doing cocaine when they got bored of pot. Because they could afford it. They always had the nicest clothes, expensive purses and shoes, and they never seemed to want for anything. But it never made me upset or jealous. I never coveted what they had, I just wanted to achieve that kind of wealth for myself one day.

My dad put it in my head from a very early age to always make my own money and not rely on anyone. Every dollar I made should come from an honest day’s work, a philosophy that’s stayed with me throughout my life. But as I got older, the desire to accumulate and hoard money seemed to fall away, and I started caring less about bagging zeroes, and more about how I’d come to achieve them.

It should never be this easy.

Right now, I’m stuck in the corporate sphere. I don’t want to be here forever, but I’m in no position to up and leave things in order to pursue my dreams. They’re not quite on the backburner, they’re just being honed and shaped until they can fund my life. I love the idea of making deals with people; Entities would pay me for my time or my work, and give me the funds so they can share it. It’s working for myself, reaping the benefits of my personal pursuits. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good job, but it’s not my name on the program. My role is certainly on the backburner there. The credit I get is through my paycheck, which is there without fail, every two weeks. Even if I take two weeks off, I get the same amount every time.. It’s a gig, not a career, and it’s not meant for everyone. Not long-term, anyway.

I suppose I should be happy I am where I’m at monetarily. Not everyone is so lucky, especially as we experience 40-year high inflation, and more is on the way with this new $1.7 trillion-dollar blank check. Still, I’ll always want to achieve more for myself, and more importantly, do it for myself. I never saw myself as working for someone forever. I always wanted my life to be done my own way, and I’m only now just realizing I’ve got all the time in the world to make it happen for myself.

Follow the money.

Money buys convenience. That’s all. It’s not going to make me happier or better than anyone. It’s a different kind of security that I think should be an opportunity afforded to all Americans. It’s the greed that will get you. The idea that “more” will somehow transform you into a better person. I never understood that. Money don’t mean a thing to me. It can’t be the root of all evil, human nature is that. We have the choice to go down the path of comfortability or corruption. And it’s unfortunate those with this alleged ‘power’ seem to keep on heading down Double-Dealing Drive.

Maybe I’ll be one of these crazy people who ends up burying her physical money one day. I’ll be a modern-day pirate who sets her children off on a wild adventure to find her buried chest of doubloons. Hey, you want your inheritance, you’ve got to earn it. But until the day I can live out my dreams and barter a sum for my efforts, I’ll be watching the wealth transfers from my business news vantage point. The people need to realize they control the wealth. And if we stop giving the funny money weight, perhaps the corruption collapse will come sooner than we think.


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