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My December to Remember 2: Day Seventeen

News: White House says lifting of Title 42 does not mean the border is open, illegal migrants popping out of sewers in El Paso.
‘Doxxing’ left-wing journalists released from Twitter suspension after online poll.

I’ve changed. It’s obvious to me at this point. I’m going through a period where I’m literally taking no shit from no one or nothing. It’s like there’s no longer an option; I can’t switch it off. My internal filter has become more porous and I’m hesitating less about what’s coming out of my mouth. It’s like I’m on some flume ride that’s going faster and faster, rushing me forward with no sign of stopping. While I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing as I’m learning to embrace this new me, I know that there’s still the matter of learning to pick my battles, and not everyone deserves the full force of my inner cunt.

I was rude to the parking attendant today. He told me his Zipcard didn’t work so he couldn’t get my Zipcar out of the garage, as he’d have to move another one to get mine out. He told me I had to call the company to figure it out. “You gotta problem with your card so I gotta call?!” I exclaimed in my most obnoxious New York-New Jersey hybrid accent, “Why don’t you call?” As if he’d just stop everything he was doing to cater to me. I mean, this was an inconvenience for me for sure, but I could feel myself being a bitch just for the sake of being one. But I just couldn’t stop. I was in it to win it, empowered by my STFU moment from earlier in the week, and just wanting to keep rowing my bitch boat for all to see.

…Gently down the insufferable harpy stream.

I ended up calling the company, who were able to find me a car at the garage right down the street. I told them to look into why the garage guy’s Zipcard wasn’t working and to make sure to fix it for them. I’m no longer in the business of asking, I was basically demanding to get my needs met. Either way, I told the parking attendant that I know I’m kooky but that I appreciated him and I’d see him again. I knew I was sampling highly from the Jerk Store, but I didn’t let it ruin my day. I don’t even feel like I was entirely in the wrong, as it all felt like an avoidable problem, as I reserved the Zipcar a week in advance. Still, it’s probably not good karma on my part, and I gained knowledge on just how far this new attitude can take me. I see benefits coming along with it, but not all hills to die on need to be lorded over by an absolute she-Devil.

Sometimes she makes an appearance.

People seem to go out of their way to defend something that has nothing to do with them directly. They just hear the message and feel the need to jump in, getting so offended on behalf of everyone else, it overrides all logic or reason. And I just don’t think we need to do that anymore, especially not with people who don’t even know we exist. I mean, someone made a Wikipedia page originally titled the “Thursday Night Massacre” in response to nine activist journalists getting suspended for what Elon Musk considered doxxing. I mean, what in the world is that about? People get banned for eighteen hours and this is how you defend them? You absolute twats. Not all actions need Captain Save-a-Hoe to swoop in to make things into your version of right.

Able to simp dumb bitches in a single tweet.

Why not save all that passion that clearly resides in us to fight against things that could actually result in far-reaching consequences? They’re estimating fourteen-thousand illegal migrants could be trafficked into the U.S. every day when Title 42 goes away. For comparison, about five-thousand cross in a day now. Still unprecedented. Never-before seen. And that doesn’t even count the ‘gotaways,’ or those not apprehended. It’s an invasion, and the U.S. is complicit in completing the global cartel’s circle. Yet you’ll have people on Twitter defending the Biden regime, saying the border is secure, or they’re just ‘asylum seekers,’ or that we’ve always had illegal immigration. Somewhere down the line our priorities went so far askew, we let the dumbest of the dumb bitches decide what we should be putting our energy into.

Instead of covering the border disaster, we get these martyred ‘journalists’ going on their martyrdom media tours, whining about how they didn’t get to vomit their brain matter onto a website for a little bit. Even if you tell them it’s a private company and they can have whatever rules they want, they still put on their problem glasses and complained. I personally don’t think simply linking to publicly-available information constitutes ‘doxxing,’ but that’s also not exactly what happened here. If I ever create my own rival to Twitter, I can make my own rules. But these dumb bitches broke one of Twitter’s rules. They got their spankings and now it’s time to move on. We can always learn to say no and vote with our feet instead of dragging things out just because your inner cunt can’t help but make an appearance.

To the heart.

I’m tired of the distractions when there’s so much other insane shit to worry about. We really do need to start choosing our battles more wisely. I’ll promise to do the same, even as this flume ride rushes me forward in the worst way. Because when it really counts, we’ll need as many people on our side to fight as possible. Yes, even the dumbest of dumb bitches can come through when we really need it.

There are worse things, I guess.

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