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Well, as it turns out, I’m not going to reach this monthly goal. Whoops. To say I’ve been sidetracked feels like cheating. Upended a bit, maybe. Knocked square on my ass, for sure. But I cannot blame outside forces for my shortcomings this month.

Fifty-nine pages later and I’m only just about to crack thirty-seven thousand words. I’m not giving up, but I know I’d have to hunker down and write a lot if I hope to reach the fifty-thousand word goal before November’s end. It just doesn’t look like it was meant to be this time around. I gave it a good run. I did all I could. But through all of it, my intention remains to finish, to find a suitable ending that can let me put it to bed for good this time.

I should have gone into this a bit more planned. I had a great idea for where my characters were going and where I wanted them to end up, but I simply didn’t have an ending written for any of them. I’ve planted so many seeds but just don’t know when or if they’ll bloom. There are pieces in my world that could fit, but I’ve had to rearrange so many things in my waking life as of late, that writing life suffered too.

Still, I’ll make sure I hit the fifty-thousand word threshold before the year is up. I’d also like to have the entire story written by then too, before I tuck it away forever, living with the satisfaction that I finally had the bravery to end it. I’ll coincide it with my December writing challenge (more details later), and I will be sure to let you know when it’s done.

I didn’t recap a week three because last Sunday’s entry took priority. That was something I just had to get out of me. I had already skipped a few quota days because I was ahead of schedule, and I lost all urgency to catch up. That’s on me. Turns out there was a lot more personal stuff that needed out first.

Oh well. It’s all okay. I’ll keep updating it as we go. And if it’s really truly meant to be, you’ll feel when I’m all done with it, too. Sorry it just takes me a bit longer to get there. I promise the wait will be worth it in the end.

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