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June Renew: Day 24

Weight: 235 ugh

I’m not about to give you my thoughts on abortion. I did that three years ago and I still stand by what I said. So I’m going to make this brief today regarding the historic SCOTUS ruling that has officially kicked abortion laws back down to the states.

I saw the banner on TV mere moments after discussing my annual salary increase with my boss. We talked about how the whole world was changing and how I was looking forward to keeping our winning streak going. When I saw the news, I was smiling ear to ear. Not because I was particularly excited about the ruling, but because I knew this was the watershed moment to show literally everything around us was growing, morphing, and ready to change. But other than that, I had no reaction whatsoever. My life didn’t feel different or changed or anything. It was just as it has always been. And I took note of that, because one little look at Twitter and you could see a lot of people having a hard time more so than not.

And you know something? I’m not about to offer anything more than that. I’m not going to tell people how to feel about this. I’m not all of a sudden going to turn into a Constitutional expert based on a few articles I’ve read. No, this is an emotional moment in time for everyone, whether they’re for or against what happened today. There are some things people need to process for themselves. They need to be able to really listen to the arguments they’re making and discover why it is they’re fighting so hard for the side they’ve chosen. And that’s simply not my job to make happen. My life is going to be exactly the same as it was when I woke up this morning. You can’t force me to feel one way or the other, just like I can’t do the same to you. You fight your own fight, and I’ll do the same. That’s it.

Tomorrow is a new day in a new era. I’m pro-choosing to make the best of it.

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