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June Renew: Day 17

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Despite the entire world seemingly moving on from the pandemic, we in New York still cleave to it like a booger on a 2-year-old’s nose. Sorry for being gross, but all I’ve heard the last two years has been “health, health health.” Don’t sneeze, don’t cough, get injected, watch for water droplets, shove a stick up your nose, spit into a tube, hell the CDC is releasing safe Monkeypox sex guidelines, and they recommend covering up your open wounds before you commence the f*cking.

It’s all just so gross and weird. And We the People are finally done with it.

There’s still lingering mask mandates in big blue cities like New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. They just so badly want you to comply until they say it’s okay to stop. But upon arriving at Penn Station today, where a mask mandate is still in place, I comfortably walked in, happy to see a whole bunch of uncovered faces right along with mine. Maybe this would be an anomaly back in pandemic times, but we’re just not there anymore, no matter how much those at the helm wish we were. We all simply got better, finally cured of our illness. There is a difference between where we were in March 2020 and where we are in June 2022. But the Powers that Be are doing everything they can do convince you otherwise. Look at where the market landed this week: all three major U.S indices haven’t seen this level of carnage since March 2020. Wonder what else spread its filth that year.

They want to relive the sickness. They just no longer have the power to sustain it. The jig is up, but they keep pressing on like it’s not. That’s what makes it so fascinating and gruesome to watch.

There are still a few more stitches that need pulling out, especially in Manhattan, USA. I’ve made mention here before that I haven’t felt like we were in a pandemic since June 2020. I decided that was enough, I assessed my personal risk, and didn’t feel like it was necessary to play sick anymore (except when I actually was sick). I did what I needed to do; I worked from home, I masked up, and I’m still to this day taking a rapid test every morning before I enter the building. My manager one time said to me, “But aren’t you happy knowing you don’t have the virus?” “No,” I said, “I want to forget this thing ever existed in the first place.” And it’s a very hard place to get back to. I don’t want to be on my deathbed, telling my surrounding family that covid times were a bitch and a half.

I never want to feel like I’m “returning to normal.” I just always want to be here. I want each and every risk life throws at me, and that includes maybe getting sick with the flu again. I don’t need so-called leaders to care so deeply about my health and safety. I’m fine. Make the option available, just stop mandating these fucking things. Isn’t it better to admit our mistakes and move on, rather than pretend like we did everything right and the failures were completely out of our hands? We’re all just human. We’re not better than an endemic virus. We got through it. Congratulations. Remember those we’ve lost. Move on and live. It’s time. The only time I ever want to fear a sneeze is when I think I may toot at the same time.

Again, sorry for being gross.

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