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My December to Remember: Day 25

All I wanted was for everyone to have a Merry Christmas. And that’s exactly what it feels like everyone got. Including yours truly. All I’ve ever hoped was for everyone to get exactly what they wanted, regardless of whether or not this was a holiday. Not everything coming our way can be a happy event, but as long as peace is discovered somewhere, that’s all that really matters.

I’ve been asking for peace lately. Because there’s still a lot of hurt and anger I’m feeling. I’m coming to terms with the idea that someone, somewhere, has found that peace without me. That everything I once built up in my head will serve as nothing more than a memory for an existence that never was. I don’t know if I’m fine with it yet, but I know that I will be. I have to be. There is no choice here. I made mine. Someone else did too.

I look forward to the lifetime of just being me. Being with me. Being comfortable with me. With that on my side, I cannot lose. I’ll discover all the tranquility one needs in a lifetime. Whoever wants to come on this journey with me is more than welcome to. Because this is it. My closing of the book and willingness to write a new one. I still have no choice in this deed I’ve been tasked with, but I couldn’t be happier to begin it. I don’t know what the future holds for any of us, but finding that spot of inner solitude can only assist you in weathering what is to come.

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