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My December to Remember: Day 16

I actually spent time outside today. I got up and took a walk. The nap I wanted to take wasn’t happening, so I decided to try something new. I had wanted to head back outside for some time, but it was just too cold. Not today. In the 60’s. In December. Global warming? I mean, do you guy want it to get colder or something?

I didn’t overheat. I was actually a little underdressed. It was cold down by the river. But I’m glad I went. I needed to feel the air. I just walked where my feet would take me. I’d sit when I needed to. I discovered even more little sitting spots the city has to offer. I was truly in the zone. The literal definition of being here now. In the moment. Enjoying the time I had set aside for me. People gave me some of their time earlier in the day, and I may as well extend the courtesy to me.

Everything just seemed to make sense to me. There were small connections I was making as I walked from one place to another. I had remarked that a group of buildings off in the distance were like sleeping giants: these gargantuan motionless monuments that may arise at any moment. Very large. Very overwhelming. Later, as I was enjoying an early dinner while dining outdoors (they wouldn’t let me sit inside without a vax pass), I noticed a moving truck. Gentle Giants, it was called. Need to move? Call 1-888-GIANT MEN. Usually, upon seeing something like this, I’d want to know what significant this holds for me. Because it obviously meant something in my mind. And I’d just get more and more heated the longer I went without getting an answer.

Not today. I was just so happy to see something so absurd and a phone number that actually made me laugh. It didn’t matter what it meant or if it meant anything at all. I saw it and it was just for me. And it was just a small part of the things I wish to share with you on this warm December day. The whole world is heating up to a point where I’m afraid it could go nuclear. But I’m just not going to worry until something gives me a reason to. I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. Instead, I’m going to enjoy the slow burn of the absurdity of it all. This is the world we live in right now. Connections are everywhere. One door closes, another opens. I flick open the lighter just as quick as I can close it. My campfire keeps me warm as I travel from site to site.

There’s plenty of roads left to travel, even on a tiny thirteen-mile isle. I can stay warm in whatever climate I’m in. I’ll just work on making myself less tired before I write. I’m on fire with this streak. Time to get real with it before the whole world goes up, or down, in flames.

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