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My December to Remember: Day 13

I am not good at endings. I never know how to finish something. Even when I write these entries. Once in a while I’ll produce a banger that I think encapsulates everything I want to say, and I’ll do it all in just one sentence. Other times, I’m not so lucky. I find myself fumbling the ball all the way into the endzone. I have a clear shot at the goal, but I always fall short.

I suck at endings. Yet here we all are, cheering each and every one of them on.

I used to associate endings with something bad. I never wanted things to end. I just assumed things would go on just as they’ve always gone. I didn’t realize I had to put in the work to keep them going. And later, I did find out that things that are meant to end, eventually will. And it seems a lot of things are coming to an end lately. News anchors are moving on, governors are saying no more mandates, people are jumping ship from a sinking administration. They’ve all moved the goalposts for far too long, and the people are finally ready to throw in the towel.

We’re all in a unique position where we can watch the crumbling and destruction in real time. We’re all so interconnected that we get to watch each and every story as it unfolds. And if we’re lucky, we get to be a part of it. I welcome all viewpoints as long as your ending doesn’t involve bloodshed. A few scrapes here and there as we skin our knees on the astroturf is fine with me. All I know is the score has been tied for far too long. It’s time for someone to score and end this.

I’m excited to see. To look forward to endings now, instead of fear them. Because with every ending comes a new bigging. A fresh start. A new game. As long as everyone wants to participate, that is. We’ve kicked the can down the road long enough. Time to get it past the goal line so we can post the final score, once and for all.

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