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My December to Remember: Day 11

Eventually, all echo chambers implode in on themselves. The reverberation of the same old shit will build up enough momentum to completely shatter whatever was built up inside. There has to come a point where even the most hard-headed among us flip the switch and have a thought that goes outside the groupthink. And what do you think happens when dissent occurs? All the echo energy focuses right on it, either crushing it in its tracks, or pushes them completely out the door.

I don’t want to only associate with those who think exactly like me. I want to hear from everyone. Yes, even those internet society has deemed ‘undesirable.’ Why is it a crime to hear someone out? Who decided that for everyone? Just because I listen doesn’t mean I agree. Plus, I can agree with someone on one thing, and disagree on another. Isn’t that neat?

There’s a big listening problem lately. Everyone wants to get their words out first and foremost and not even consider another option. And it’s time for this practice to come to an end. If we can’t find a way to actually communicate with one another, we’re toast. Sometimes I think we’re on the right track, and then one thread on Twitter derails my entire outlook.

They key to listening is really this: learning when to shut up. Fight the urge to want to say your thing first and foremost. It’s a kind thing to let people speak. It’s even kinder to let them finish before it’s your turn. Everyone can get a say once you realize the decent thing to do is wait. Just for a moment. Because everyone deserves a chance to speak. You’re not obligated to listen, but it’s better if you do. Nourish the mind with differences of thought. That never means you have to subscribe to what you hear. But if you’re ready to show the world you’ve got an open mind, this is the way.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

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