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My December to Remember: Day 1

I’ve never been less scared of something in my entire life. The whole world is threatening to lockdown again and I couldn’t care less. I don’t believe a word any of these people are telling me. It’s like they’re attempting to squeeze the life out of everyone just to see how far they can push them to the brink.

Well, let me tell you something, buster. Ain’t nothin’ out there that can hurt me more than I can hurt myself.

I have a month left of 2021. You do too. We all do. It’s the magic month, the season of goodwill. The season where we put our differences aside and finally come together. It’s entirely possible. Stranger things have happened. But it’s not about waiting around for the shift to occur. I have to contribute to it in some way or another. And I have it in me that writing something every day, fulfilling a promise to myself, can actually help turn my reality into something new.

It could happen, as long as I stay awake for it.

I’ve got to be more in tune with myself than ever before, so I can enter the new year with a new peace of mind. That’s what this is about this time. The last shot for me to leave 2021 on a positive note. Pick and choose what it is I’ll be taking with me, and what’ll stay behind in this lifetime.

We’re on the path to something new. For one more Christmas, at least. See you tomorrow, for the last time.

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