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i can forgive too

By November 22, 2021One Comment

When we say hurtful things, that hurt comes back to you threefold. Even if you don’t think it will. You may think you’re one of the strongest and most unfeeling people on earth, and absolutely nothing can get you down.

Until you’re left with nothing to ponder but your own words and actions.

We’re all going through it right now. We’ve never been so awake and aware of our surroundings, yet there’s such a disconnect as to what’s right and what’s wrong. Or even real. And the only solution I have left to suggest is choosing to love one another. Fight the urge to be cruel just because you feel hurt. It’s not always easy, but it’s how we get past all of this.

Focus on who you’ll meet on the other side of it, not all the pain you’re leaving behind in this lifetime.

One Comment

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