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Sometimes I wonder if there really are multiple realities out there. I read comments on articles or things people write on social media and I honestly can’t wrap my head around what they think. A lot of the time, it’s not even simply a difference of opinion. People are taking the exact same information I am and coming away with things that are just not there. I’m wondering if any of these accounts are even real half the time. There’s no way a majority of people can be this willfully obtuse, is there?

I feel like we’re the farthest apart we’ve been in my lifetime. Which is weird because this seems to be an age where they want everyone to be included and inclusive and “all in this together.” We just emerged from a global pandemic where it seemed most appropriate to band together and put each other out of it. Not so, it seems. The divide is razor sharp, and it seems only an act of God can mend relations at this point.

My dad says we’ll never live in a utopia. I agree with that. But I still feel like the veil could lift one day without us even knowing it. It may already be in motion. More and more each day, things are coming to light. The secrets are coming out. We’re just all being recorded at all times. There’s no hiding anything anymore. I’m convinced of it. It’s okay if you don’t see my reality yet. I have a feeling you will soon. I have no idea in what capacity. But we’ve found ourselves in an age where we don’t accept things being swept under the rug anymore. We won’t gloss over anything. We’re even calling out the bad behavior in our own camps. It’s all I ever wanted, and I have to stop getting discouraged by a bunch of bot knuckleheads I see patrolling on Twitter. And that’s the hardest part of them all sometimes.

I’ve missed human to human contact. I don’t experience it anymore, I feel. Just through the digital medium. It’s significant and I’m happy to have it. But I need some IRL contact too. I’m one of these people who I rag on for being “way too online” lately. That’s who I’ve become. And just like I believe the veil is lifting, I also believe my online days will someday be behind me too. There’s no way this is sustainable. Not forever. We crave contact. We search for that oasis in the dry, dry desert. If we want it, we will find it.

There are things that are meant to last forever. Divide isn’t one of them. Divide doesn’t work when it comes to matters of the heart.

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