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Fair Points

Fair Point: the level battlefield

By May 20, 2021One Comment

I’m not blackpilled. I’ll never be blackpilled. I’ll never see the human race as doomed just because the morons in charge want to protect their own. I simply don’t imagine a world where hate and evil come out on top. Not on my watch. I won’t let that happen. Even if all I have at times is the power of my own mind. It’s been racing lately. I’ve been very inward. Usually, I’m putting thoughts out to the universe, asking for things, trying to skew things in my favor. But not this time. This time, there’s a laser-like focus that’s pushing me to discover things in life that are actually important. Attainable. Desirable. Even if I haven’t found them yet, that’s what I’m working toward. And if these things are good enough for me, then I believe they’re good enough for all of humanity. But in the meantime, I’m trying to get the best players on my team. We’re headed toward the final battle in this long, epic war. Which war? The culture war? The spiritual war? I’m not sure it’s even fair of me to put a label on it. All I know is that it’s coming, and it’s not the war they think it is. We’ve been battling with one another for God knows how long; Someone has turned the chessboard and pitted us against each other for their own amusement. But we’ve grown wise to their game. The battle lines have been drawn, and their desperate and obvious saber rattling isn’t doing what they think. It’s because those on the side of goodness and righteousness can plainly see their enemy is nothing but rattling. There’s no substance to them, at least not anymore. Their power has been all but drained. We once thought they were the world’s greatest people, worthy of awe and praise, simply for being a willing public servant. What we didn’t seem to realize, or maybe we didn’t care, is they would do these things from an unattainable level, riding their high horses as they scoffed and spit at us, offering empty words, unfulfilled promises, and a pat on the head to let us go. And thank God for their hubris, because they didn’t realize they would one day have to live in the desolate world they’ve created for us. We’re all on the same level now. Everything is out in the open. We’re on camera all the time; Mass surveillance is actually a thing, so we may as well smile about it. Because I pray each and every night for God’s light to touch every corner of His earth, dropping a big, fat spotlight on all those who have sinned against Him. You mess with Him, you mess with all of us, for He is the most good and righteous of them all. This is my truthpill moment, whether you believe in God or not. Something will drive us all forward together if we choose to go forth as one. No one can escape what’s coming, it’s all already on film. But this time, it will be us who gets to watch it all play out.

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