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There will be a moment when it all crumbles away for us. Our internal buildup and inner turmoil will no longer have the strength to withhold its structure, to where it finally gives way and collapses. And although the cleanup looks messy and an impossible task to begin, it doesn’t always have to be such a treacherous chore. Cleaning up one little bit at a time can help us plan to rebuild something stronger in its place; something that can withhold the test of time, and won’t crumble without us being ready to see it off.

But the moment when it happens is different for everyone. And its unpredictability can make the waiting game all the more grueling.

I like to believe there have been times in my life where it feels like I made something happen. A series of coincidences that seem too good to be true. Like I step into the kitchen and I witness my oven mitt falling off the rack. I saw it fall. I was a witness to that. I didn’t even realize I had hung it so close to the tip of the hook. But for a brief moment, I wished it would fall, and it fell. I’m not saying this means I’m honing my psychic powers, but it’s just another example of what the mind can do, and where it can take you if you let it. It’s fun to think my timing is so great, it’s literally off the hook. It can be a comfort, especially when the world around you seems like it’s in utter chaos.

Did I make that oven mitt fall with just my mind? Of course not, it was just one of those moments where circumstances align perfectly. And that seems to happen more the moment you accept you the power to change only what you need to change. You can control that. You can be the one to stand up and say “no more.” Push back against injustice. Really go after what’s right. You don’t want to be in the position where someone has to do the crumbling for you. Because that never goes as well as hoped. It could actually be shattered beyond repair if we’re not careful. And those who need to be broken will be. We don’t always need to physically destroy ourselves in order to rebuild.

The hope here is that in 2021, we use these little known powers for good, not evil. We can sniff out the evil ones and banish them to places unknown. Crush it enough to know never to let it rise again. That’s a very real possibility this year. And it can happen when you build your foundation up enough to withstand a nuclear blast. 2021 is a big mystery. At this point, I’m willing to bet anything is possible. We can cook up anything we want, so why not make it finally taste good?

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