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I spent just about as much time as I usually do staring at myself in the mirror today. I let my hair dry underneath a pair of gaming headphones last night and I still woke up to it looking great. If I was better at selfies, I’d post one. But I just knew my something about my face (and my hair) looked more beautiful than I ever thought it could. Because I could see the owner of it past the superficial aspects: me.

It’s one thing to check your outfit or makeup in a mirror. It’s another thing entirely to actually admire who is looking back at you. And while all of this may sound incredibly vain and narcissistic, it doesn’t have to be. It could be my way of telling you this is how I felt self-acceptance today. The first day of a new year out of an old year that was hell on earth.

I didn’t want to leave 2020 on a sour note. I just wanted to find the proper way to say goodbye. Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. Everything was just so confusing this past year. It was as if I had all the pieces laid out on the table but not even an inkling of how to put them back together. And now, I think, as we turn from one year into another, that anxiety and confusion we feel over choosing the right path will suddenly disappear. Discovering what’s right will become so plain-as-day, it’ll be impossible to ignore anymore. Who cares where I start with the puzzle, just as long as I begin somewhere. And if I’m lucky, I may actually finish it this time around.

Something will have fallen into place for us in 2021. We may not be able to be a witness to it happening, but the shift will be real, and it will happen when we least expect it. We will not need to physically witness the cogs being put on the wheel to feel the machine running smoothly. And all this is possible the moment you accept the vessel you’re traveling in: you. Your mind, your body, your spirit, soul, and truth. You. All of you. And if it seems an impossible task right now, trust that that it too will one day find its way of falling into place. But make it this year. 2021. After all, as they say: New Year, New You.

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