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Striking out

By November 27, 2017No Comments

When things don’t go your way, how do you cope? Do you do healthy things or do you indulge in self-destruction? I could go either way, but some nights I give into things I know are bad for me. And I do that because I let myself. Though I don’t necessarily feel like I let myself down, I do slip and fall back into old habits. And those can be the toughest to break.

When you want something in the moment and it doesn’t go quite your way, it’s easy to feel like the whole world has suddenly turned against you. You may think you’ll never get what you want. After a strike out, a swing and a miss, it becomes a long and sullen walk back to the dugout where you sit and wait until your next at bat. And depending on how well the team is doing, it may be a while until that chance comes again.

I don’t know a single person who handles rejection well. We all crave feelings of being wanted and needed by our fellow human being. A slight sting follows, even if someone tells us they don’t need us for the simplest of tasks. It can be difficult to remember that not everyone is on the same wavelength as you, so even when you believe your help is necessary, others may not agree. And that’s okay. It’s not your job to fix everything, and it’s not in the cards to always get what you want whenever you want it.

You can’t win them all. We’re not meant to win them all. We’re meant to get what we need when it’s right for us to have it. Forcing things into place and trying too hard to make something work will more often than not end poorly. If you swing too hard at a pitch that’s outside, you won’t connect. Though it can be exhausting waiting for the perfect pitch, your moment to knock it out of the park is bound to come, as long as you trust your instincts enough.

I apologize for exhausting all my baseball metaphors on this one post, but I had to do something.

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